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Type: short film

Written & Directed by: Andrew Essig

An investigative interview diving into the shadowy MOREAU corporation and their controversial tests rumored to be conducted on live animals.

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Reclaim Wilderness Poster Draft 6.png

Type: short film

Directed By: Andrew Essig & Matt Winters

Written by: Andrew Essig

When an enchanted forest comes under threat, it's up to the last of the elves to keep the danger at bay.

*Currently in post production!


Type: Pilot

Directed by: Matt Winters & Andrew Essig

Written by: Matt Winters

A five-part story about what happens when two people stuck in a generation of Tinder users take a swipe at being real.

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Type: Short Film

Written & Directed by: Andrew Essig​

A young woman’s anxieties about growing up seemingly manifest in the form of a costumed child loitering around her apartment.


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